Bethel Search and Rescue
Welcome to our site. Bethel Search & Rescue is located in Bethel, AK. To report a missing person in the Bethel region, call 911 or 545-HELP.

BSAR conducts search and rescue missions in Bethel and surrounding villages in coordination with the Alaska State Troopers, Bethel Police, Village Safety Police Officers, and other SAR teams from area villages.





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Bethel Search and Rescue

is a 14(c)(3) non-profit that operates on the support of the people and organizations in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta region and beyond. By supporting BSAR, supporters become partners in SAR missions. Each supporter should know that when a SAR mission is completed or successful, they have made it possible to find lost victims. Many thanks to all of our supporters, both individuals and businesses.

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BSAR Annual Fiddle Dance 2012

BSAR Fundraiser 2012 well attended

UPDATED NOV. 28, 2012

The biggest fiddle dance of the year ended Saturday night and the Bethel Regional High School was packed to the brim. What was once a 1-side-bleachers-only event just a few years ago was so filled with dancers and spectators that all bleachers on both sides of the gym were pulled out to accommodate the large number of supporters.

Pictures by Dave Cannon of Aniak:

Youth doing line dancing

Girls enjoying the dancing

A baby gets some dance training

The BSAR Fiddle Dance is for the young and mature

BSAR Geri Johns (in yellow) line up with other ladies for T-Shirts

It's always a joy to see the annual "Vince dance"

Play and dance, that's what Willie does

Even the toddlers get into the groove

Jake Johnson of Emmonak and Peter Atchak of Bethel honored at BSAR gala

On November 23, during the first night of the Bethel Search & Rescue Fiddle Dance Fundraiser, Jake Johnson Sr. of Emmonak and former BSAR President Peter Atchak were honored for significant contributions to the cause of search and rescue work.

Mr. Johnson was named Elder of the Year by BSAR in recognition of his near life-long work in search and rescue work. As the first policeman of Emmonak, Jake's job included searching for people who didn't make it back home as expected from hunting, logging or checking fishnets or traps. He did this alone or sometimes with the help of concerned citizens.

Peter Atchak accepting his award with wife Mary and grandchildren. Photo by Norman Japhet.

Peter Atchak was recognized for his long service to BSAR work in Bethel and the Y-K Delta villages. Peter began his leadership when BSAR was a fledgling and unorganized SAR group consisting of a handful of volunteers, and over the years he turned it into an organized and well-equipped SAR team that boasts yearly 100 members.

BSARs Alvin Brown and Dougas Lee recognized

On the 2nd night, newcomer Alvin Brown was named "Rookie BSAR of the Year" and Douglas Lee was named "Outstanding BSAR Member of the Year". Alvin was involved in many searches in 2011-12, while Doug spent a lot of time in the Marshall and Goodnews Bay searches last summer and fall.

Doug Lee receives his award, presented by Hugh Snyder and Mike Riley. Photo by Norman Japhet.

KYUK honored as BSAR Business of the Year 2012

Angela Denning-Barnes receives KYUK's Business of the Year Award from BSAR

KYUK located in Bethel, AK was given the honors as "Business of the Year" award for its much appreciated support to BSAR operations by providing news and updates concerning BSAR-related activities.

Below are pictures from the BSAR Fiddle Dance:

The Emmo Band - (L-R) Doug Redfox, Simeon John, Dominic Hunt, Carl McIntyre, and Lala Hunt

Dancers and spectators

BSARs Roger Lowe, Chris Jacobs, Doug Lee, and Mitchell Pete get ready for a Split-the-Pot drawing

Youth fill the entire floor of the BRHS gym to do line dancing

Dancers swing around the floor